Mt. Pleasant Indian School
Register of Pupils
1893-1906, 1907-1914, 1915-1932

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Names have been spelled as it is in this data. See Transcribers Notes for explanation of varying spellings of names.

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Transcriber Notes:

  • Names are a constant problem in these files. Spellings of last names can be spelled one way and the parent's last name spelled different. There are cases of siblings next to each other on a page and their last names are spelled differently. Some of the writing is just plain hard to decipher due to penmanship.

  • Tribe or Nation is as is. I have noted that the same person is listed differently here for different years and records.


Data Transcribed and donated by Patricia Hamp February 2012.  Source: NARA Film (RG 75 film number not marked at beginning of film as usual with these films) Mt. Pleasant Indian School and Agency, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The records are held at the Chicago Branch of the Nation Archives and Records Administration.