Mt. Pleasant Indian School
Register of Pupils
1893-1906, 1907-1914, 1915-1932

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Data Set: Admitted = Descriptive Roll of Students  1893-1896  |  Discharged = 1893-1896 Student Discharges  |  Death = 1893-1896 Student Deaths
Historical = Student Rolls 1897-1906 | Register 1907-1932  Student Rolls coming next


Student No.SurnameGivenMaleFemaleUnnamed ColumnAgency Post OfficeCountyNationTribeFathers NameFather Living DeadMother Living DeadBloodAgeHeightArrive At SchoolFor What Period EnteredWithdrawnDeath DateRemarksData SetPageTrans NotesSpellings
137SkunnaskomEdward   North MuskegonMuskegonOttawaCharles Skimmeskom?livingdeadfull17 1896 March 19    Admittted45-46  
 StaffordCharles   MuskegonMuskegonChippewaSamuel Stafford  1/49 1903 July 133   Historical 1905399-400  
 StaffordCharlie   MuskegonMuskegonChippewanot listed     1903 July    Historical 1904371-372  
 StaffordThomas   MuskegonMuskegonChippewaSamuel Stafford  1/413 1903 July 133   Historical 1905399-400  
 StaffordTommy   MuskegonMuskegonChippewanot listed     1903 July    Historical 1904371-372  

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Data Transcribed and donated by Patricia Hamp February 2012.  Source: NARA Film (RG 75 film number not marked at beginning of film as usual with these films) Mt. Pleasant Indian School and Agency, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The records are held at the Chicago Branch of the Nation Archives and Records Administration.