Durant Roll
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Page 1870Line 1870Durant Roll NoIndian Name or SurnameGiven NameHusbandWifeFatherMotherAgeBandSexMarried Maiden ParentsResidenceMichigan CountyRemarksPlace Notes
345830ANDREWSAGNES82914TraverseF BEAVER ISLANDCharlevoix  
345829ANDREWSANGELINE82918TraverseF BEAVER ISLANDCharlevoix  
345829BIRD ANGELINE82918TraverseF BEAVER ISLANDCharlevoix  
345830BIRDAGNES82914TraverseF BEAVER ISLANDCharlevoix  
2813832BIRDAMELIA8278293TraverseF BEAVER ISLANDCharlevoix  
345832BIRDAMELIA8278293TraverseF BEAVER ISLANDCharlevoix  
345831BIRDCLARA82911TraverseF MT PLEASANT SCHOOLIsabella  
345829BOMAWAYANGELINE82918TraverseF BEAVER ISLANDCharlevoix  


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