Durant Roll
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Page 1870Line 1870Durant Roll NoIndian Name or SurnameGiven NameHusbandWifeFatherMotherAgeBandSexMarried Maiden ParentsResidenceMichigan CountyRemarksPlace Notes
20216091MICKSAWBYSUSAN609046TraverseFSHAWAN - marriedCROSS VILLAGEEmmet  
20216092SHAWANFRANCIS6090609126TraverseM CROSS VILLAGEEmmet  
20396092SHAWANFRANCIS6090609126TraverseM CROSS VILLAGEEmmet  
20216093SHAWANJENNIE6090609114TraverseF CROSS VILLAGEEmmet  
20396093SHAWANJENNIE6090609114TraverseF CROSS VILLAGEEmmet  
20396090SHAWANMOSES609162TraverseM CROSS VILLAGEEmmet  
20216091SHAWANSUSAN609046TraverseFMICKSAWBY - maidenCROSS VILLAGEEmmet  
20396094SHAWANTHERESA609019TraverseF CROSS VILLAGEEmmet  


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