Durant Roll
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Page 1870Line 1870Durant Roll NoIndian Name or SurnameGiven NameHusbandWifeFatherMotherAgeBandSexMarried Maiden ParentsResidenceMichigan CountyRemarksPlace Notes
4113318AKENDELIA31531618TraverseF MT PLEASANT SCHOOLIsabella  
465318AKENDELIA31531618TraverseF MT PLEASANT SCHOOLIsabella  
4113317AKENMARY31531622TraverseF MT PLEASANT SCHOOLIsabella  
465317AKENMARY31531622TraverseF MT PLEASANT SCHOOLIsabella  
465315AKENSTEPHEN31658TraverseM BARKERS CREEKKalkaska  
4113316AKENTHERESA31531TraverseFPETWADUM-MaidenBARKERS CREEKKalkaska  
4113319AKENTILLIE3153168TraverseF BARKERS CREEKKalkaska  
465319AKENTILLIE3153168TraverseF BARKERS CREEKKalkaska  
4113316PETWADUMTHERESA31531TraverseFAKEN - marriedBARKERS CREEKKalkaska  


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