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Page 1870Line 1870Durant Roll NoIndian Name or SurnameGiven NameHusbandWifeFatherMotherAgeBandSexMarried Maiden ParentsResidenceMichigan CountyRemarksPlace Notes
41271067BEMOSAGATHA106628TraverseFOWANOGEMAH-MaidenELK RAPIDSAntrim  
41271068BEMOSAMOS106610679Grand RiverM MT PLEASANT SCHOOL Isabella  
6141068BEMOSAMOS106610679Grand RiverM MT PLEASANT SCHOOL Isabella  
4127S226BEMOSEDWIN10661067 Grand RiverMJAMES and AGATHA BEMOS Unknown  
614S226BEMOSEDWIN10661067 Grand RiverMJAMES and AGATHA BEMOS Unknown  
6141066BEMOSJAMES106734Grand RiverM ELK RAPIDSAntrim  
41271069BEMOSJOSEPH106610674Grand RiverM DECEASED 1907DECEASED  
6141069BEMOSJOSEPH106610674Grand RiverM DECEASED 1907DECEASED  
41271070BEMOSMARIE106610673Grand RiverF ELK RAPIDSAntrim  
6141070BEMOSMARIE106610673Grand RiverF ELK RAPIDSAntrim  
41271067OWANOGEMAH 106628Grand RiverFBEMOS - marriedELK RAPIDSAntrim  


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