Durant Roll
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Page 1870Line 1870Durant Roll NoIndian Name or SurnameGiven NameHusbandWifeFatherMotherAgeBandSexMarried Maiden ParentsResidenceMichigan CountyRemarksPlace Notes
1311778DURFEEED177754MackinacM PORTLANDIonia  
12255116FARTANLOTTIE26MackinacFPERKINS - marriedLAKE ODESSAIonia  
1323461LAQUEAFRED345930MackinacM IONIAIonia  
12255118PERKINSCECIL51167MackinacM LAKE ODESSAIonia  
12255120PERKINSHAROLD51163MackinacM LAKE ODESSAIonia  
12255116PERKINSLOTTIE26MackinacFFARTAN - maidenLAKE ODESSAIonia  
12255117PERKINSPHIILIP51169MackinacM LAKE ODESSAIonia  
12255119PERKINSVERA51165MackinacF LAKE ODESSAIonia  


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