1833-1834 Michilimackinac & Sault Ste. Marie Agency Employees

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List of all persons permanently employed at the agencies of Michilimackinac & Sault Ste. Marie during the year ending 30th September 1834.

Persons NamesPlace of BirthOccupationCompensationTerm of Service
Henry R. SchoolcraftNew YorkAgent$1400 to 10th June, thence $1500 yearlyOne year
Francis AudrainPennsylvaniaSub Agent & Interpreter$750 yearlyTen months
George JohnstonMichiganInterpreter$480 to 30th June thence $300 yearlyOne year
James StevensMichiganBlacksmith$25 monthlyOne year
Christian WachterSwitzerlandAss. Gunsmith$200 yearlyOne year
Henry G. GravereatMichiganStriker$15 monthly7 ½ months
Robert GravereatMichiganStriker$15 monthly4 ½ months
Thomas ShawMichiganStriker$15 monthly10- 9/30 mos.
John B. ConteLower CanadaBlacksmith$30 monthly10- 9/30 mos.
John M. JohnstonMichiganInterpreter$30 monthly10- 9/30 mos.

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