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Mrs. Mary McDaquette

Honorary Member of Mason County Historical Society. Mrs. McDaquette was born a member of the Ottawa tribe of Indians on the Reservation at Crystal Valley in Oceana County 96 years ago. Her father’s name was Louis Trombley, and she was the granddaughter of Francis Trombley, an early French family of Detroit who lived to be more than 100 years old and is buried in Eden Township.

Mary McDaquette’s mother was an Ottawa Indian, Elizabeth Buck-ano-be-naw. The family lived on the Reservation but did not claim any land, the father working in the woods for Maxwell’s mill. He was buried in Crystal Valley.

There were four girls in the Trombley family and one boy who died when very young. Mary was the oldest girl. The second girl Rose Collins now lives at Rosebush, Mich. Margaret Hunkle lives at Reed City and Julia Me-aloqua at Manistee.

The McDaquette’s had one son Ernest who was killed in China in World War II. His body was returned to Ludington and is buried in Pere Marquette cemetery. There are two daughters, Jessie King of Portland, Oregon who has had nine children, with two sons and one daughter now in services.

The other daughter Anna LaPorte lives in Marquette, Mich., and has at present four sons in service There are also two daughters in the LaPorte family. Mrs. McDaquette’s grandson Fred LaPorte, lives in Custer.

Her father was Louis Trombley, son of Francis Trombley who came to the reservation shortly after it was set up. He was a member of a prominent French family of early Detroit.

Mary at age 17

Mary May-ze-na-be-quay Trombley McDaquette died recently in Custer at her home. Age 98 years. Her home in Eden Township was said to be the only one still owned by the original family on the on the Indian Reservation. ( Abrstract on File. Still in family 1964.)

Mary was proud of her paternal ancestor, Francis Trombley, son of Louis Trombley of Grand Rapids. She was 17 when this picture was taken.

Small Obituary included but so darkened with age it is unreadable on film.

Film #1305232 - Mason County Rose Hawley Museum Pioneer Family files Ludington Michigan

Durant Roll Family Listing


Ludington Daily News | Ludington, Michigan | Tuesday, December 27, 1955 | Page 4

McDaquette Rites Held in Custer

Memorial services in memory of Mrs. Mary McDaquette were held Friday morning at St. Mary's church in Custer with the Rev. Fr. Benedict Mariulionis officiating at the service.

Pallbearers were four grandsons, William, Raymond and Donald Laporte and George Rose of Marquette and two neighbors Harry Whitaker of Custer and Joseph O'Farrell of Fern.

The many flowers and mass cards spoke of the sympathy of loved ones and the esteem with which she was held in the community. Some of the flowers were later taken to sick people.

Mrs. McDaquette was born in 1862 in Oceana county and when a young girl was married to Charles McDaquette. They went to housekeeping in a home just south of Fern store in Eden township where they lived for 70 years and where their family of seven children were born.

Mrs. McDaquette knew the hardships of pioneer living and was always ready and willing to do her share in the neighborhood when need arose often going into neighbors homes in the Fern district to assist in caring for the sick.

Following the death of her husband 26 years ago she continued to live on the farm with her son Ernest, a sister-in-law Mrs. Alexander and her grandson Bill Alexander. (my note: Julia McDaquette sister of husband Charles.)

During World War II the son Ernest was called to service and died in the service of his country. This was a great sorrow to the aged mother and having no one to see the duties at home she purchased a home in the village of Custer to be near the stores and advantages of the village home. Mrs. Alexander moved with her and the two were comfortable until Mrs. Alexander was taken ill and passed away some time ago. Some months ago she was taken ill and in July the two daughters Mrs. Anna LaPorte of Marquettte and Mrs. Jessie King of Portland, Ore. came to be with their mother. Most of that time she has been confined to her bed where her daughters have given her loving care.

Surviving other than the two daughters are 16 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren, three sisters and nieces and nephews.

Coming for the services were the three sisters, Mrs. Rose Collins of Rosebush, Mrs. Margaret Hunkler of Clare and Mrs. Julia Medacco of Manistee: grandchildren Mr. and Mrs. George Rose, Mrs. Eldred Greenway, William Raymond, and Juanita LaPorte f Marquette and Fred LaPorte and son Henry of Hart.

Burial was in St. Mary's cemetery at Custer.


Ludington Daily News | Ludington, Michigan | Sunday, October 13, 1929 | Page 1

Chas. McDaquette Dies; Was Ill For Two Years

Charles McDauqette 69, Indian, passed away Saturday noon at his home in Fern. Death followed an illness of two years.

Charles McDaquette was born near Eldridge. After his marriage 40 years ago to Mary Trombley, he brought his bride to Fern where they had since lived.

To this union were born six children, three of whom survive. They are Ernest, at home; Mrs. Anna Laporte of Shingelton, upper peninsula, and Jessie of Oregon.

Funeral arrangements have not been completed.

See Durant Roll under last name of Mawcawdayoquot

Mary's Mother

Ludington Daily News | Ludington, Michigan | Monday, February 05, 1934 | Page 1

Eden Township, Feb. 5 - Mrs. Elizabeth Trombley, 100, passed away Sunday morning from the home of her daughter Mrs. Mary McDaquette of Eden township, death resulting from extreme old age.

Mrs. Trombley was born at Grand River, Mich., Jan. 27, 1824, of French and Indian parents. When a small child she came with her parents to Oceana county, and later to Mason County, where she had since resided.

Mrs. Trombley was the mother of ten children, four of whom survive. They are Mrs. McDaquette of Eden, Mrs. Margaret Hunkler of Chicago, Mrs. Rose Collins of Rosebush and Mrs. Julia Medahko of Brethern. Surviving also are 16 grand children and 26 great grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements await word from the daughter in Chicago.

Mary and Charles Children

Children of Mary Trombley and Charles McDaquette who died in childhood are listed at Eden Cemetery: Eden Township Cemetery

Ernest McDaquette

Western Union

Z1 CK 30 GOVT Washington DC Aug. 442pm 3-1944 Mrs. Mary McDaquette RFD 2 Custer Mich.

The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your son Staff Sergeant Ernest P. McDaquette was killed in action on Six July in France. Letter follows.

ULIO The Adjutant General
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