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KAQUATCH Samuel 1st MI SS Co. K

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  • Home: Little Traverse, Michigan
  • Enlisted: 15 June 1863 at Little Traverse, Emmet County, Michigan
  • Age At Enlistment: 18
  • Term: 3 years
  • Mustered In: 20 July 1863 Co. K, 1st Michigan Sharpshooters
  • Rank In: Private
  • Wounded: Yes - Did not survive
  • Mustered Out: 02 August 1863 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Source: Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in The Civil War 1861-1865 Michigan Adjutant General Dept. Call No. E514.3 M62 V. 44 First Michigan Sharpshooters

Alternate spellings of Last Name:


Muster Out Rolls

  • Not listed in this source.

Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Michigan, For The Years 1865-66, Vol. III

1890 Veteran Census

none found

1894 Michigan State Veteran Census

none found

1883 Pensioners Michigan

none found

Pension Card

  • Name: Kagwaich, Samuel
  • Widow: Kagwaich, Michael
  • Mother: Kagwaich, Sophia
  • Co. K 1 Reg. Mich S.S.
  • Date Of Filing:
  • Widow Filing Date: 1869 Jan. 29
  • Invalid: Application No. Certificate No.
  • Widow: Application No. 171.075 Certificate No. none Michigan
  • Mother Filing Date: 18?9 Nov. 8
  • Mother: Application No. 254.020 Certificate No. 369.429 Michigan
  • Remarks: none

Source: NARA Film T288 1861-1934

Pension Card

  • Name: Kagwaich, Samuel
  • Co. K 1 Reg. Mich S.S.
  • Mother Date Of Filing: 1879 Nov. 8
  • Mother: Application No. 254.020 Certificate No. 369.429
  • Father Date of Filing: 1869 Jany 29
  • Father: Application No. 171.075 Certificate No. none
  • Remarks: none
  • Died: Aug. 3, 1864 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Source: NARA Film T289 Roll 244 Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861-1900

Pension Appeal

United States Congressional serial set, Issue 3048
52nd Congress 1st Session
House of Representatives
Report No. 1880

July 14, 1892.—Committed to the Committee of the Whole House and ordered to be printed.

Mr. Butler, from the Committee on Invalid Pensions, submitted the following:

REPORT: [To accompany H. R. 8498:]

The Committee on Invalid Pensions, to whom was referred the bill (H. R. 8498) granting a pension to Sophia Kagwaich, submit the following report: Sophia Kagwaich is the mother of Samuel Kagwaich, the parties are Indians, and the name is variously spelled. The soldier, Samuel Kagwaich, enlisted June 15, 1863, in Company K, First Michigan Sharpshooters, received a gunshot wound at Petersburg, and in July, 1864, he was in hospital at Philadelphia, and being able to move about was granted a pass to go about the city, and was run over and killed by the cars in that city August 3, 1864, and according to the newspaper report of the coroner's verdict, which the Pension Bureau followed, he was intoxicated when killed. The claimant's application for pension was denied, and she appealed to the Assistant Secretary of the Interior, and rejection was affirmed.

The mother is a widow, nearly 80 years old, supported by charity or by the public.

In view of the fact that the soldier died in service, and more especially as he was killed while a patient at the hospital because of wounds incurred in service, your committee recommend that the bill do pass, after being amended by inserting in line 4, after the word "rolls," the words "subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension laws," and by striking out all the words after the word " sharpshooters" in line 7.

Non Military Vital Record Data

  • Birth Date:
  • Birth Place:
  • Death Date: August 3, 1864
  • Death Place: Harrisburg Pennsylvania
  • Burial Cemetery:
  • Parents: Mother - Sophia Father: Michael

1860 United States Federal Census

  • Little Traverse, Emmet, Michigan Post Office: Mackinac page 20 family 302
  • 8 June 1850
    • Michel Ka Quack 68 M Ind. Fisherman 120 100 Michigan
    • Sophia Ka Quack 36 F Ind. Michigan cannot read or write
    • Samuel Ka Quack 15 M Ind. Michigan attended school within the year
    • Angela Ka Quack 8 F Ind. Michigan
    • Eli Ka Quack 4 M Ind. Michigan
    • Peter Ka Quack 2 M Ind. Michigan

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