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  • Enlisted:
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  • A member of Company K, First Sharpshooters. Missing in action at Petersburg, July 30 1864.

Source: Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in The Civil War 1861-1865 Michigan Adjutant General Dept. Call No. E514.3 M62 V. 44 First Michigan Sharpshooters

Other Data

  • Home: Michigan
  • Enlisted: Michigan
  • Age At Enlistment:
  • Service Record: Enlisted in Co. K, Michigan Sharp Shooters
  • Rank In: -
  • Mustered Out: -
  • Rank Out: -
  • Died During War: -
  • Source: Ancestry.com American Civil War Soldiers database

I can find no other data on this man with this spelling or by using a soundex spelling. I suspect it is a record with a misspelled name of another man in the unit.

If you can fill in any of the blanks on this person please write.
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