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1855 L'Anse Chippewa Ledger of Abel Hall

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The Chippeway Tribe of Indians
Lake Superior

Abel Hall

For the following articles of goods and provisions delivered at L’Anse Lake Superior to the members of said tribe and therefore the payment is asked out of the debt fund of $90,000 as per the act of the treaty of the 30th September one thousand, eight hundred and fifty four. L’Anse Band.

(Index of names of bills only included, without provisions listed or payments received.)

  • William Bass 1853-1854
  • Peter Chimace? 1853-1854
  • Samuel Sahwah nosh 1853-1854
  • George Montgomry 1853-1854
  • William Grays 1853-1854
  • Peter Jones 1853-1854
  • Benjamin George 1853-1854
  • Samuel Giscatoug 1853-1854
  • Nelson Ca quo dosh Dec. 1853-Jan. 1854 only
  • Mrs. Cogyon Jan. 1853
  • John Southwind 1854
  • William Persons 1853-1854
  • Mrs. No?in 1853-1854
  • O gah ba yah nah quet awah be 1853-1854
  • David Ring or King 1853-1854
  • Peter Shinaca Dec. 1853
  • Shabawasagay 1853-1855
  • Sharlot Holley 1854
  • Philip Nodin 1853
  • Mrs. Spruce or Cah wan do go qua 1853
  • Sah gah nah quap do qua 1854
  • Thomas Teosh 1853
  • Albert Tabadosh 1853

Vieux De Sert Band
  • Ke chi e nin 1853
  • Adam Nongo 1853
  • Jessy Mone do wa 1853
  • Mah dwa nah mo 1853
  • Clamah Boxer 1853

State of Michigan
County of Houghton
Dated Sept. 25, 1855
Letter follows by Abel Hall that is unreadable.

Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1828-1880
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 404 1853-1855

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