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1845 Swan Creek and Black River Indian Census

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Wm. A. Richmond
Actg. Supt. Mchn.
Detroit June 23 1845
In compliance with letter of 3rd June reports number of Swan Creek and Black River Chippewa in Michigan

Recd. 30 June 1845
Office of Supt. Indian Affairs
Detroit June 23rd 1845

Under date June 3rd you required me to report the number of Swan Creek and Black River Indians residing in Michigan.

An examination made by Mr. Sec. Meponger who I dispatched with an interpreter to visit the several families, enables me to report the following list:

Mis. Quon o quit1124 
Au. Nim a keene1146 
Pay. Me qua my1113 
Ko. Koshi1113 
Shay go nay bu1146 
Shaw was copercer11 2 
Shar won on quit 1st1146 
Saw gee11 2 
Naw way quay1146 
Nish kay wo sink1157 
Shig go may11 2 
Shaw won1146 
Shib buh ghu1124 
Wain day he them11 2 
Anos 167Sister to Es ton a quit
Ain jaw1113 
Shaw won on o quit 2nd1113 
Kee zuk aw1113 
A bo way1124 
Nay zhuck1  1 

There rec’de upon the head waters of the Flint River in this State, about one third belong to the Swan Creek Band, the balance are of the Black River.

They are settled upon lands of their own, engaged in Agriculture and under the Methodist influence have become temperate and erected a small church in their settlement. I am informed that Es-ton o quit and his band, with the exception of one or two families who now live upon the Bell River in this state and went West a few years since. From enquiries which have been made in connection with this subject I am of opinion that the above statement is correct.

I am with great respect Your Obt. Servant
Wm. A. Richmond
Acting Supt. Ind. Affairs

T. Hartley Crawford Esq. Comm. In. Affairs

Source: Michigan Saginaw Agency of Indian Affairs 1840-1850
Office of Indian Affairs Saginaw NARA Roll R859

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