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1839 Census Count of Ottawa and Chippewa

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Chippewa and Ottawa Tribes
Census of Indian Population with the Acting Superintendency of Michigan on the 30th day of September 1839.

Sadly this only contains a count and not names.

The Island and coast of Lake Huron West of Thunder Bay.

Name of BandName of TribeMenWomenChildrenTotal
Drummond IslandOttawa15133967
Thunder BayChippewa17174882
Group of Mackinac IslandsChippewa3341351

Northern Peninsula East of Chocolate River.

Name of BandName of TribeMenWomenChildrenTotal
Point St. IgnaceChippewa3044119195
Group of Beaver IslandsChippewa333977150
North ManisteeChippewa14204781
Great Bay de NokChippewa2732113172
Little Bay de NokChippewa1928111158
Chocolate RiverChippewa10175481
Grand IslandChippewa784459
Pussissowee BayChippewa10103056
Sault Ste. MarieChippewa304274146

Southern Peninsula North of Pierre Marquette River.

Name of BandName of TribeMenWomenChildrenTotal
Village of the CrossOttawa303277139
L'Arbre CrocheOttawa7987151317
Shingobeeng or Middle VillageOttawa232455102
Wing's VillageOttawa15174375
Little Traverse BayOttawa8998161348
Grand Traverse BayChippewa90116203399
Shamaigobing or Carp RiverChippewa3137161232
Ossigomico Plate RiverChippewa13112953
South ManisteeChippewa11144166

South Peninsula South of Pierre Marquette including Grand River Valley.

Name of BandName of TribeMenWomenChildrenTotal
Pierre Marquette RiverOttawa681630
White RiverOttawa303189150
Fort VillageOttawa303175136
Grand RapidsOttawa9155278
Forks of Thorn Apple RiverOttawa212960110
Mouth of Thorn Apple RiverOttawa212666113
Ottawa Colony Barry CountyOttawa24254291
Flat RiverOttawa312??9160
Maple RiverOttawa273590154
Prairie VillageOttawa15152050
Forks of Grand RiverOttawa172462103
Gun LakeOttawa13144168

District of Saganaw Swan Creek &c.

Name of BandName of TribeMenWomenChildrenTotal
Swan Creek and Black RiverChippewa20284391
Au Sable RiverChippewa212781129
Saganaw BayChippewa202164105
Cass RiverChippewa462737
Lower Saganaw BayChippewa2941113183
Bad RiverChippewa112679116
Big Rock VillageChippewa263571132
Caw gay gezhicksChippewa242270116
Little ForksChippewa3761128226
Flint RiverChippewa272979135
Naum Gitshee egomeChippewa6688425579

Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1828-1880
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 403 1839-1852

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