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1837 January 14 Supplement To Treaty of Saginaw Tribe of Chippewa

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Supplement to the Treaty 14th January 1837. Between the United States of America, and the Saganaw Tribe of Chippewa Nation.

Whereas errors were committed in dissenting and enumerating the Reservation, ceded to the United States, by the above treaty viz: the tract of Ten thousand (10,000) acres on the Chiawassee (Shiawassee) River, at a place called the Big Rock, was described, as being at Ketchewandaugumink, or Big Lick: and the tract of three thousand (3,000) acres, on the Chawassee River at Ketchewandaugumink, was entirely omitted: altho’ it was the intention of the contracting parties, that all the Reservation belonging to the Chippewa of Saganaw in Michigan, should be included.

It is therefore the design of the parties by this investment to rectify the above mentioned errors, and confirm to the United States, the cession of the above described land, the same as if it had been properly inserted in the original Treaty, according to the intention of the parties thereto.

Done and concluded at the City of Saganaw between Jno. Hulbert Sub Agent, on behalf of the United States and the chief head men, of the Saganaw tribe of Indians this twenty 27th day of October AD 1841.

Jno. Hulbert Sub Agent U.S.

  • O saw wau bun his x mark
  • Ton ta go nee his x mark
  • Peet way wee tum his x mark
  • Pay Mos see ga his x mark
  • Ot taw wance his x mark
  • Shaw Shaw won nee be his x mark
  • Muck Kuck Koosh his x mark
  • Naich e gay shing his x mark
  • Kauy gay gee ghich his x mark

  • Chas. H. Rodd Interpreter
  • James ???
  • Hiram L. Miller
  • J. Riggs
  • Addison Stewart

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publications
Microcopy No. 234
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs
Roll 746
Series: Saginaw Agency 1824-1850
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