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1837 January 14 Entitled to Sums - Saginaw Chippewa

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Detroit November 7th 1838


I have the honor to annex a memorandum of persons entitled to receive the several sums set opposite to their names, agreeably to Schedule B. under the 4th article of the Treaty of January 14th 1837, with the Saginaw Indians. The Department will oblige these individuals by remitting the amount as early as practicable, to the proper disbursing officer at this place.

I have the honor to be Sir Your Obt. Servant, Henry Connor

Hon. T. Hartley Crawford Commissioner Indian Affairs War Department Washington.

Memorandum Wabishkinidib or Henry Connor $3,243.75 Macouse $800.00 Pen a see $400.00 Wetonsaw, son of James Connor $400.00 Leon, or Oge ma ge ke to $400.00 Total $5,243.75

National Archives Microfilm Publications
Microcopy No. 234
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1881
Roll 745
Saginaw Agency 1824-1850
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